About Einon

Infos here are based upon the book and the movie, if you want to learn more about the differences between the book and movie, as far as they concern Einon, venture to this part of the fanlisting.

Einon's Childhood

Einon is the only child of King Freyne and Queen Aislinn. His father was very uneducated leader who ruled with simply brutality and lacked a sense for the finer things. He made Aislinn his queen upon threatening to extinct her entire home village should she disagree.

Aislinn who is a clever and well educated woman did not only hate her husband for his bruteness, but also because he killed dragons who are beloved by her and her people, the Kelts. She is a cold, distant woman keeping what ever feelings she has mostly to herself.

Einon grew up in this rather unloving marriage. His first lessons were without a doubt learing to respect physical strength about anything else. Then later when he was older, his father wanted him to be trained in fighting and mentored to become a suitable future king.

The king wanted Brok for the job, Aislinn wanted Bowen. She hoped that by teaching her son the values of the old way, she could make a good king out of him. Freyne who hadn't a high opinion of Bowen allowed a duel to decide and thus Bowen became that mentor.

How Einon became king

During a rebellion while Einon was just about 15 years old King Freyne was killed. As Einon was attempting to secure the crown he was mortally wounded. Convinced that the boy was indeed valuing the old code, Aislinn took him to the Dragon who then shared his heart to save Einon's life.

But Einon lied, he knew he just had to say what the others wanted to hear in order to live. He had learned to fight and to a lesser degree that sometimes there were other means than brutal force to achieve goals. Which was part of what made him an even more dangerous tyrant than his father.

Upon recovery he immediately started to collect all rebells and let them work in a quarry to re-build the ruin of an old Roman castle. The first attempt to blind the leader of the rebellion was twarted by Bowen, who broke with the young Einon, thinking the boy must have been bewitched by the dragon.

Einon as a young man

Four years later the castle was build and Einon had moved into it. Brok was now his men, but he also had Lord Felton at his site, who understand little of fighting but a lot about collecting money. During a hunt they visit the quarry and Kara begs for her father's freedom, who had led the rebellion back then.

Partly annoyed and partly motivated by his own set of values, Einon shots the father with an arrow through the heart. Later when Kara attacks him he remembers her and mesmerized by her beauty takes her into his bed. Just like his father did with Aislinn. The queen however doesn't want to stand by and watch Kara suffering the same fate as she did and sets her free.

Looking for her, Einon fins her with Bowen and the Dragon, who appears later to save Bowen's life. The Knight of the old code realised finally that it was Einon all along and no witchery. Einon flees from the Dragon and realises only much later during a new rebellion lead by Kara and Bowen, that he and the Dragon are connected.

Einon also understands that his mother did not hire Dragonslayers for his protection but to kill him. Hurt by her words and deeds, he kills her with the very weapons she intended to use to end his life. But the rebellion is successful and finally it is Bowen who ends Einon's life by slaying the dragon.

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